which of the following will make it harder in the future to develop sustainable methods for humans using resources?
A.biodiversity decreases as humans use natural resources wisely
B.biodiversity decreases as humans limit there use of natural resources
C.biodiversity increases as humans deplete natural resources
D.biodiversity increases as humans develop sustainable ways of using natural resources

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  1. Sam is wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. which one help!!

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  3. answers are all wrong the right ones are these:
    A.there will be fewer renewable resources
    B.more humans will populate the earth
    C.biodiversity naturally reduces over time
    D.more humans will recycle materials

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  4. I suggest posting your questions in an answer forum other than this one. You're not going to get help here with the way Ms. Sue is going. If you don't have a book how can you do it? -_-

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  5. john! come on man! the answer is B =-= DUH!

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  6. Umm @little heart B is wrong D Is Right

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