Complete the following sentence with the best phrase below.
Removing just one species from an ecosystem:
A.would have no effect, because it is just one species of many
B.would have little effect, unless it was a keystone species
C.would have a negative effect, unless it was an endangered species
D.would have a negative effect, especially if it was a keystone species

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  1. B I'd say, cuz there's probably lotsa other different types of that type of animal, (for example different types of bat, not just brown bats) so those animals would "fill in the gap"

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  2. And I'd say B not A cuz brown bats are like keystone species and they are vital to the environment, some other bats might not be in the area etc. Or they might be the most plentiful

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  3. Ok thanks!!

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  4. Is D right?

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  5. yes finally a post without Psydawg and Ms. Sue...who in turn are both hackers

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  6. I will post all the answers from my quiz if that is OK ( I work with common wealth)

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  7. yes post all answers!!!!!!!!

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  8. so, where are the answers?

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  9. To all of you wondering what the answers are here they are:
    1. B
    100% correct I have the answers right in front of me

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  10. Thanks oof

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