You have purifiedLDH using affinity chromatography. Using the bradford assay you determined the total protein concentration of the column fraction to be 10 mg/ml in a final volume of 2.4 ml. You diluted some of your column fraction to 1 mg/ml using SDS Page sample loading buffer and loaded 15 ul on to an SDS page gel. You also loaded 10 ul of a 1mg/ml LDH standard in an adjacent lane. The stained sds page gel revealed that your ldh column fraction contained a number of bands besides ldh. Upon scanning you found that the ldh band in your cokumn fraction had an optical density of 42000 pixels. The optical density of the ldh standard band was 58000 pixels.1. What is the percentage purity of your ldh column fraction?2. How many total mg of ldh are there in your column fraction?

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