simpify: 3radical27x^10/5x^3y^5


sorry don't know how to do the radical sign.

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asked by april
  1. You will also have to insert brackets to clarify the order of operation here

    e.g. I will do the 2nd one

    assuming you meant:
    7√(2x) + 2√(72x^3( - √(162x^5)
    = 7√(2x) + 2√(2x) √(36x^2) - √(2x) √(81x^4)
    = 7√(2x) - 12x√(2x) - 9x^2√(2x)
    = √(2x) ( 7 - 12x - 9x^2)

    clarify the first using brackets

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    posted by Reiny

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