I think I am a little bit confused with this absolute value thing. When do I change the sign inside? Example f(-2)= |-2-2|. Is this equal to -4 or do I need to change a sign inside the absolute value when adding. I am trying to get some x and y values to graph. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  1. evaluate the expression inside the || and then throw away any negative sign.
    |-2-2| = |-4| = 4
    |3+5-10| = |-2| = 2

    if f(x) = |x-2|
    then f(-2) = |-2-2| = 4
    f(10) = |10-2| = 8
    f(-5) = |-5-2| = |-7| = 7

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  2. Thank you so much Steve. Now I see the light.

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