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I am unsure of some of my answers. I have tried looking, I am lost.. I would appreciate any help.. Thank you in advance. I am double checking

which of the following statements is true regarding the korea war
A} stalin approved the north korean attack in advance
b stalin was outraged by the north korea attack on south korea
c both stalin and mao expected the amreican respinse to the invasion.

which of the following is true of the truman docterine

a it ended the policy of containment

B} it amounted to an informal declaration of the cold war

c it created the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

During the carter administration, Zbigniew Brezezinski

a tried to get carter to roll back taxes

B} tried to reverse the policy of detente

c rejected the adoption of the MX missiles to replace the older minute man missiles

which of the following was the primary cause of the Balkan wars conducted during the clinton administration.
a the brekup of former state of yugoslavia

B} muslim activism in bosnia

c the UN peacekeppers inability to stem ethnic cleansing

Which of the following statements about trumans fair deal is true

a it was trumans response to the soviet sputniok

B} it repealed the new deal
c it calked for national medical insurance

when postawar expansion slowed in the 1950's, an economic stimulus was provided by

a increased consumer goods manufacturing

b te construction of Levitt Towns

C} cold war spending

which of the following statements is true of the Gulf of Tonkin affair
A} johnson sought passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in order to freely expand american involvement in vietnam

b johnson approved covert amphibious raids on north vietnam

c the destroyer maddox was sunk by north vietnamese gumboats

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