Math help please

1. Each time a touchdown is scored in a football game, 6 points are added to the score of the scoring team. A team already has 12 points. What rule represents the number of points as an arithmetic sequence when n is the number of touchdowns scored?

A(n) = 12 + 6n
A(n)12 - (n - 1)(6)
A(n) = 12 + (n - 1)(6)
A(n) = 12 + (n - 6)

2. What is the ninth term of the arithmetic sequence defined by the rule A(n) = -14 + (n - 1)(2)?


Please explain how to do these! I don't understand them!

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  1. are the answers:

    1. A(n) = 12 + (n - 1)(6)
    2. 2

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  2. 1. assuming the 12 points were scored by 2 touchdowns, (could have been 4 fieldgoals)
    and n is the total number of touchdowns scored, it would be
    A(n) = 12 + 6(n-2) , .... two have already been counted

    if n is the number of touchdowns after the initial 12 points, it would be
    A(n) = 12 + 6n

    poorly worded question.

    A(n) = -14 + (n-1)(2)
    so a = -14 and d = 2

    term(9) = a+8d
    = -14 + 8(2) = 2

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  3. 42

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  4. Use the following information.

    SPORTS In a football game, each team earns 6 points for each touchdown it scores.

    Write an equation to find y, the total number of points for scoring x touchdowns.

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  5. Use symbols to describe the value of each term as a function of its position. Then find the twelfth term in each sequence.

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