In the following two questions, identify which choices would be considered inferential statistics.

1. of 500 randomly selected people in new york city, 210 people had O+ blood.
a) "42 percent of the people in NYC have O+ blood" Is the statement descriptive statistics or inferential statistics?

b) "58 percent of the people in NYC do not have type O+ blood" Is the statement descriptive statistics or inferential statistics?

c) "42 percent of all people living in NY state have type O+ blood" Is the statement descriptive statistics or inferential statistics?

2. On the last three Friday evening, City hospital diagnosed a number of heroin overdoses. There were four on 1/14/20xx, two on 1/21/20xx, and six on 1/28/20xx.

a) "City Hospital averaged four herion overdoses in their ER for the last three Firday evenings"

b) "City Hospital never has more than six herion overdoses on Friday evenings"

c) "Friday nights are the busiest time for herion overdoses at City Hospital"

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  1. When you have specific data, it is descriptive. When you go outside the actual data, it is inferential.

    1. a, b and c infer.

    2. a describes, b and c infer.

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  2. descriptive

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