in an ap the difference is between the 8th and 4th term is 20 and the 8th term is one and the half times the fourth term what is the common difference

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  1. since T8 = T4+4d, d=5

    and, just for completeness,

    a+7d = 3/2 (a+3d)
    a+35 = 3/2 (a+15)
    2a+70 = 3a+45

    So, the sequence is

    25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 ...

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  2. This not what I asked for

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  3. In an AP the difference between the 8th and 4th terms is 20and the 8th is one and half x the 4th term
    (i) Find the common difference
    (ii) Find the first term

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  4. a+7d=3/2

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  5. I will fail my assignment

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