Jr Applied Math (Algebra II)

A landscaping company placed two orders with a nursery. The first order was for 13 bushes and 4 trees, and totaled $487.00. The second was for 6 bushes and 2 trees, and totaled $232.00. The bills do not list the per-item price. What were the costs of one bush and of one tree?

asked by Tash
  1. Looks like algebra I to me. Anyway,

    (1) 13b+4t = 487
    (2) 6b+2t = 232
    Subtracting twice #2 from #1 we get
    b = 23
    so, t = 47

    b+t = 70

    posted by Steve
  2. c=15+10h

    posted by isaiah
  3. c=15+10h

    posted by Anonymous

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