A given solar cell has the following specifications:

36 identical cells with the above specifications are to be interconnected to create a PV module.

1- What is the open-circuit voltage (in V) of the PV module if all the solar cells are connected in a series configuration?

2- What is the short-circuit current (in A) of the PV module if all the solar cells are connected in a series configuration?

3- Now suppose that the PV module mentioned above is set up using a series connection of solar cells with the above mentioned specifications. Two of the solar cells have gone faulty (completely stopped generating power), but fortunately you have bypass diodes connected across the faulty solar cells. Assume that the bypass diodes are ideal (has a 0 voltage drop when conducting).

What is the measured open-circuit voltage (in V) of the above PV module with the faulty solar cells?


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  1. 1. X = 36 * 0.7 = 25.2 Volts

    2. Y = 4A

    3. Voc = 34 * 0.7 = 23.8 Volts.

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