Science. Check answers

1. True or False: If the net force of an object is 0 N, the forces are considered unbalanced. (True)

2. Which of the following forces causes a feather to fall slower than a blowing ball?
gravity ←
rolling friction
sliding friction
air resistance

3. A small fish in the pacific ocean watches a shark swim by a large rock a few meters away. Which of the following reference point in this scenario?
large rock ←
Pacific Ocean

4. Which of the following pairs of objects would have the strongest gravitational pull?
two buildings in the same city ←
two tall buildings in different cities
two stars very far away from each other
two stars very close to each other

5. A maglev train uses powerful magnets to lift the train above the tracks as it moves forward. Such as a design reduces which of the following forces?
rolling friction
air resistance ←
fluid friction

6. Which of the following examples does not demonstrate a change in velocity?
An elevator slows down in order to stop at the top floor ←
A cruise ship travels west at a constant speed
A soccer ball is passed across the field or ←
A train remains at a constant speed as it moves around the bend

7. Which of the following does not need to be measured in order to describe motion?
size of an object
distance the object traveled
velocity of the object ←
acceleration of the object

Thanks so much!

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  1. 1) false
    2)air resistance
    7)size of an object

    I am sorry I don't know about others

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  2. If anybody is still looking for the answers to this quiz, I got a 100 with these answers:
    1. False
    2. C
    3. D
    4. B
    5. D
    6. A
    7. B
    8. A
    On number 9, give an example in change of velocity. The change of velocity is known as acceleration, and it is the rate at which velocity changes. The change can be speed, direction, or both. So if you were driving at 50 mph and sped up to 55, you would be accelerating 5 miles per hour. Get it?

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  3. Thx bro 8/8

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  5. thanks

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  7. tysm bloopy!!!

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  8. also what is THIS?!:

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    I just got an 8/8

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