hi im indiya and im here to ask you a interesting question well my question is do you no a website about balanced reports based on why children are given homework?

The why is simple: Practice. Humans learn by repetition spaced over time. The average task takes 14 repetitions (spaced over time) to master. Some take more, some less. Some children learn with fewer, and some take more. Research has consistently shown that repetition spaced over time is the most valuable learning tool. This is the basis of flash cards, learning songs, and learning math.

I don't know of websites, but there has been a lot of published research on this over the years.

Homework should be designed to repeat things already covered, and repeat the same skill several times...in the class, and in outside work.

This same fact is why elementary students should be given homework reading every night. Research into reading has consistently shown that repetition in reading (same words several times, or even the same reading passage several times) is how we learn to read: Odd, isn't it? We learn to read by reading.

Homework should not be given to students to learn new tasks or skills....as in like, we ran out of time today in class so you all do this tonite. However, most of that kind of nonsense happens in college. College kids have to hump, grunt, and strain to figure it out. By that age, many have the experience on how to adapt.

Just like Fox News, I gave it to you fair and balanced. I couldn't find much on the web. Sorry.

Homework also teaches discipline and time management. Children need to learn to solve problems on their own and meet deadlines. These are assets that they will take to all phases of learning and life.

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asked by indiya

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