Hi I need help with my homework, I wrote down my answers, just need you to check if their right. Thanks

1. which of the following is not a goal of psychology?
A. Measurement ****
C. Control
D. Intellectualism

2. psychologists need to decide how they will ___ the phenomenon they are interested in so that they can describe that phenomenon.
A. Control

3. which form of research is most commonly used when observing animals in the wild?
A. casual observation
B. Evaluating existing theories ***
C. Evaluating current research
D. Animal dissecetion

4. what makes psychological research scientific?
A. the way that researchers collect data
B. using scientific design
C. Following all of the steps of the scientific method**
D. people with advanced degrees perform the research learned that researchers often,if not always follow up the five steps of the scientific method by reporting their findings. which of the following is the best explanation of the importance of this sixth step?
B formulate a hypothesis after
A. Conducting research***
B. designing the experiment
C. collecting data
D. publishing findings

7. psychologists often conduct research to____ an existing theory

8. which of the following research methods would best suit the following hypothesis?
Children under the age of five are more likely to exhibit aggressive behaviour when placed in groups of ten or more
A. survey
B. interview.
C observation
D. statistical analysis***

9.when collecting data it is important that it be collected according to
A. the design of the study***
B. whats the readily available
C. whats least expensive
D. current technological advancements psychology and in everyday life people research to explain ____ and change behavior
i don't know :/

Thank you for helping me, I appreciate it.

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  1. I agree with your answers for 4 and 9. I disagree with the others.

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