This year, the sum of Mr. Bellini's age and his son's age is 38 years. 4 years ago, Mr. Bellini was 5 times as old as his son. How old is his son this year? How old is Mr. Bellini this year?

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  1. Let x = son's age
    Let 38-x = Mr. Bellini's age (since the sum of their ages must be equal to 38)
    Set up the equation using the the second statement:
    (38 - x) - 4 = 5(x - 4)
    34 - x = 5x - 20
    34 + 20 = 6x
    54 = 6x
    x = 9 years old (son's age)
    38-x = 29 years old (Bellini's age)

    Hope this helps~ :3

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  2. Thanks for your help Jai. ;)

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  3. This question had been answered before

    You should always check your previous post before reposting it again.
    You made Jai do work which was not necessary.

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    but thx

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  5. this is to the people that help with answering the questions, thank you so much you don't even know how helpful u are

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