Algebra 1

To answer the following questions, my assigned textbook provides a chart of the required information which displays 5 individual sections of the amounts of the different types of DVD rentals. Comedy is 320 rental; action is 200 rentals; drama is 160 rentals; musical is 96 rentals; and the category of other is 24 rentals.

1). What percent of the movies rented were comedies?

2). What type of movie made up 25% of the rentals?

3). What percent of the movies rented were in the "other" category?

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  1. 800 rentals

    1) 100(320/800) = _____%

    2) 0.25 * 800 = _______

    3) 100(24/800) = _______%

  2. 1). 4o%

    2). Action

    3). 3%

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  3. *40%

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  4. Right.

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