Geography (Ms. Sue)

1). How are the landforms of Europe both an advantage and a disadvantage to life in Europe?

A: The landforms of Europe are an advantage as these landforms affect the climate in their favor. However, the mountains and uplands, for example, may be viewed as walls because they separate groups of people. They also cause difficulties for people, goods, and ideas to move easily from one place to another.

2). How did natural resources help Europe to become industrialized?

A: Natural resources helped Europe to become industrialized due to the fact that these minerals are found in this location.

3). Which regions of Europe have the harshest, coldest climates?

A: Eastern Europe as well as the region of the Alps have the harshest, coldest climates.

4). Which climate zones produce the richest variety of vegetation?

A: The marine west coast climate zone, the humid continental climate zone, and the Mediterranean climate zone produce the richest variety of vegetation.

5). How do the North Atlantic Drift and the prevailing westerlies affect Europe's climate?

A: The North Atlantic Drift and the prevailing westerlies affect Europe's climate as they collaborate and the North Atlantic Drift is carried over Europe, which gives the region adequate rainfall as they also carry moisture.

6). Why is north Scandinavia sometimes called the Land of the Midnight Sun?

A: North Scandinavia is sometimes called the Land of the Midnight Sun because there are winter days when the sun never rises and the summer days when the sun never sets.

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  1. Your answer for 3 is incomplete.

    5. The North Atlantic Drift brings moderate temperatures to much of northern Europe.

    The rest of your answers are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 3). Eastern Europe, Finland, eastern parts of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania as well as the region of the Alps have the harshest, coldest climates?

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  3. You still forgot the Scandinavian countries -- Sweden and Norway.

    Not all of eastern Europe have harsh, cold climates.

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    Ms. Sue

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