Math Please Urgent

Here are the questions I need help with, please help.

[(1/4)^-3 divide sign (1/4)^2]^-2

I got (1/4)^10 but I got it wrong

_______ I got 1/216

(-56r^2)divide sign (-7r^2)= I got 8r


(12) (10xy^3) (3x^2y^2) (5x) (2y)

simplify sqaure root of 160000
simplify sqaure root of 0.04
simplify 3 * square root 81
simplify square root of 900
simplify square root of 0.0025simplify [(a^2bc^4)(ab^3c^2)]^2
what is 4^-5/2 expressed as a radical with positive exponents

Thank you so much

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  1. See your previous post: Wed,9-18-13,8:04 PM.

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