Spanish 2

I am writing things that I do on the ship. Choose the correct verb (based on its meaning) to complete each sentence.
A. Taco
B. Nado
C. Almuerzo
D. Juego
E. Escucho
F. Miro.
G. Abro
H. Hablo
I. Voy
J. Como
1. ____ la musica.
2. ____ en la comedor.
3. ____ la puerta con la llave.
4. ____ por telefono.
5. ____ baloncesto.
6. _____el piano
7. ____ frutas y ensaladas.
8. ____ en bicicleta.
9. ____ en la piscine.
10. ____ la pelica.

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  1. If you post your answers, I'll have a Spanish expert check them.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I was hoping I could just get the answers. I am unsure of any of it.

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  3. It sounds like you need to study Spanish as well as your other classes.

    Jiskha tutors don't cheat, but we do try to help you learn.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. oh okay well I will answer them and can u tell me if my answers are correct and if not which ones are?

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  5. I'll send your answers to our Spanish expert. She'll explain which ones are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  6. These are my answers please check asap
    1. __E.__ la musica.
    2. __C__ en la comedor.
    3. __B__ la puerta con la llave.
    4. __H__ por telefono.
    5. __D__ baloncesto.
    6. __A___el piano
    7. ___F_ frutas y ensaladas.
    8. __J__ en bicicleta.
    9. __G__ en la piscine.
    10. __I__ la pelica.

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