Algebra 1

Explain the difference between the following two phrases.

Eight less than a number

Eight is less than a number

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asked by Lily
  1. n - 8

    8 < n

  2. A rectangular garden that is w ft wide is enclosed by 120ft of fencing. How long is the garden??
    All I need is an expression. I know that u can't solve this ptoblem because it doesn't give you enought information.

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    posted by Lily
  3. P = 2w + 2l

    120 = 2w + 2l

  4. I had te same thing!! But at the back of te book the answer is (60-w) ft. And I am confused how yet got it!

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    posted by Lily
  5. Since 120 is the measurement of all four sides of the rectangle, then 60 is the distance around two adjacent sides.

    That's why the length equals 60 minus the width.

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