Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1-cm \rm cm wide by 5.6-cm \rm cm long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 cm 2 \rm cm^2 . Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not round your answer to two significant figures, your answer will fall outside of the grading tolerance and be graded as incorrect.)

Enter your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.

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  1. I think this is more a math than a chemistry question but the answer to two significant figures is 12 cm^2.

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  2. To calculate an answer to the correct number of significant figures, you must complete all calculations first and then round your final answer as the very last step. In Part C, you are asked to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism that has a length of 5.6 cm \rm cm, a width of 2.1 cm \rm cm, and a height of 6.6 cm \rm cm. You can calculate the volume of a prism by multiplying the area of the base times the height. You already calculated the area of the base as 2.1cm×5.6cm \rm 2.1\;cm \times 5.6\;cm in Part A.

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  3. 12

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  4. What value should you use as the area of the base when calculating the answer to Part C?

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  5. 11.76

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  6. ffa

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