Pyhsical Science

Which of the following statements is true about scientific theories?

A. Scientific theories become scientific laws.
B. Scientific theories are never proven.
C. Scientific theories become hypotheses.
D. Scientific theories summarize patterns found in nature.

I think it's B.

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  1. It's actually D.

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  2. Actually Elizabeth it is B, not D, its B because Scientific Theories are never proven, think of the big bang theory, it was never proven, and will probably never BE proven, its not D because Scientific theories do NOT summarize patterns found in nature, it wouldn't be a theory if it is a pattern, it would be a scientific law, so next time, make sure YOU know what your talking about before trying to help other people understand what you do not.

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  3. Actually she was being pretentious saying "It's actually D" Giving the guy the wrong answer. I Thank the anonymous user for sharing the facts so i get the right answer.

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  4. so whats the answer<.<

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  5. i took the quick check. answers are b a b d c. you're welcome

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  6. Thank you so much “ugh.”

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  7. anyone know the answers to the unit 1 test in physical science.

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  8. brush y'all rude

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