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Naphthalene (C10H8)is a solid aromatic compound often sold as mothballs.The complete combustion of this substance to yield CO2(g)and H2O(l)at 25 ْC yields -5154 kJ/mol.
A. write balanced equation for the combustion of C10H8.
C10H8+12O2->10CO2+4H2O ΔH =-5154
B. write a balanced equation for the formation of C10H8 fro the elements and calculate its ΔH o f.
5154= [x+0]-[10(-394)+4(-286)]

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  1. I think you have the correct answer but I'm not sure you arrived at it correctly.
    dHrxn= dHproducts - dHreactants.
    That will give you 70 kJ/mol for C10H8.
    You have worked it as
    reactants - products and changed the sign of dH combustion.

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  2. Napthalene has the formula C10H8.It burns in air according to the equation
    16g of napthalene was burnt in excess oxygen.
    a)Calculate the number of moles of napthalene burnt.
    b)Calculate the mass of water produced in the combustion .
    c)Calculate the volume of Co2 produced at r.t.p.
    d)Clculate the moles of oxygen needed for the reaction.

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