Is IB Math Studies the same as Pre-Calculus?
I heard that IB Math Studies is for students who have a low background in math. Is that right?

asked by Anonymous
  1. nn jhb

    posted by Grace
  2. I'm currently taking IBMS and it has elements of several types of math classes (calculus, statistics, algebra, etc.). It is the "lowest" level IB Math class one can take, but not necessarily for students who have a low background in math. I know one student who dropped AP Calc AB to take IBMS, and I've previously taken two accelerated(honors) math classes. I just didn't want to continue on the track to take AP Calc AB/BC, but I will take AP Stat as a senior. Also, I'm not in the diploma program. I take all AP classes except IBMS. Go figure :)

    posted by Katherine

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