i need a few websites where i can find information that can help me prove that the animals that existed in the past were far more dangerous anddifferent than the animals of today

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  1. How far in the past? 100 years ago? 1,000 years ago? 10,000 years ago? 1 million years ago?

    Dangerous to whom or what? Most animals are and have been carnivores so have been dangerous to other animals, including man. All animals will kill to protect their young.

    We'll try to help you if you clarify your question.

  2. well...like the animals that have been extinct for quite some time...i wanna be able to prove that they looked much different...how they were much larger...and how they were more dangerous...

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    posted by Markeda
  3. A few of the extinct animals include the dodo bird, the passenger pigeon, the mammoth, the sabertooth tiger, and the many dinosaurs.

    You first need to define what you mean by "dangerous." Then you can research each of these animals to find how they were different, their sizes, and to what other animals they were dangerous. Remember, though, that many dinosaurs with herbivores.

  4. ok...thank you...

    but do u have any websites where i can probably find information about those types of animals?

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    posted by Markeda
  5. You can go to Google and search for each animal separately.

  6. ok...but is there any website where they list the extinct animals??

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    posted by Markeda
  7. These sites list extinct animals.




    Remember, as you do your research, that modern man is probably the most dangerous animal that has ever lived. With our pollution and powerful weapons, we are very dangerous to other life forms on our planet.

  8. thank you so much

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    posted by Markeda
  9. You're very welcome! :-)

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