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The purpose of this lab exercise is to construct a table of relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents. By completing this exercise, you will see how more extensive tables of relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents have been developed.

Using the results from the three tables below, prepare a single table of relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents

Table 1. Reactions of metals and nonmetals with solution of ions

I2(aq) Cu2+(aq) Ag+(aq) Br2(aq)
I-(aq) X X T T
Cu(s) T X T T
Ag(s) X X X T
Br-(aq) X X X X

Table 2.Reaction of metals and solutions of ions
Ag+(aq) Pb2+(aq) Cu2+(aq) Zn2+(aq)
Ag(s)X X X X
Pb(s)T X T X
Cu(s)T X X X
Zn(s)T T T X

Table 3. Reactions of nonmetals with solutions of ions
Br-(aq) Cl-(aq) I-(aq)
Br2(aq) X X T
Cl2(aq) T X T
I2(aq) X X X

T = evidence redox reaction occured
X = no evidence of redox reaction

*Please note

For table 1 I2(aq), Cu2+(aq), Ag+(aq) and Br2(aq) are supposed to be shifted to the right since they are horizontal.
I-(aq), Cu(s), Ag(s) and Br-(aq) are vertical.

For table 2
Ag+(aq), Pb2+(aq), Cu2+(aq) and Zn2+(aq) are supposed to be shifted to the right since they are horizontal.
Ag(s), Pb(s), Cu(s) and Zn(s) are vertical.

For table 3
Br-(aq), Cl-(aq) and I-(aq) are supposed to be shifted to the right since they are horizontal.
Br2(aq), Cl2(aq) and I2(aq) are vertical.

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