thank you for helping me religion is really hard to understand especially if your not from it or even have studied it for long.

Now what are some cultural influences for having hinduism vital to the region it originates from.

and what does it mean to liberate from earthly existences is that referring why they prefer to stay as hinduism and not join another religion.

because the question asks that what is the desire for liberation from earthly existence.

Hinduism is has a completely different Philosophy than that of the Traditional Western Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). It seems to have developed by joining several different cultures rather than from a single person's beliefs.

The "desire for liberation from earthly existence" is described fairly well here:

"The ultimate goal of life, given as moksha, nirvana, samadhi or similar, is described in various ways such as: the realization of one's union with God; realization of one's eternal relationship with God; realization of the unity of all existence; perfect unselfishness and knowledge of the Self; liberation from ignorance; attainment of perfect mental peace; or detachment from worldly desires. The goal is to have the direct experience of divinity, regardless of precisely how one may choose to define it. The experience of divinity is the only thing that can give one true peace and happiness, and salvation from suffering and ignorance. According to Hindu thought, one does not necessarily have to wait until death to attain salvation — it is possible to achieve it in this very life. One who attains salvation while living is called a jîvan-mukta." (Source : wikipedia's web site. Google the key words Wikipedia and Hinduism. I would post the link, but we're not allowed.)

I hope this helps some.
Matt Bronsil

Religion, especially eastern Asian religions, are very hard for most of us to understand.

It's almost impossible to separate Hinduism from the Indian culture. They are both thousands of years old and have developed together. You can talk about the extreme poverty that many Indians experience as one influence on Hinduism. Or are some Hindu beliefs in part responsible for this poverty?

Earthly existence is human life on earth. Since life has been extremely difficult for the majority of Indians, it's understandable why they believe that there's a better life after death. They believe that most people come back to earth after death, reborn as another person or animal. Their ultimate goal is to be free of life on earth (be liberated from earthly existence) and spend eternity in nothingness and as one with God.

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asked by kailin

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