thankyou for all your help that your doing i hope that i'm taking much of your time till what time your available i will greatly appreciate all your help. i don't know how to repay you and everyone else that has helped me. i will work on the suggestion that you recommended me and summit here for editing. once again thank you..........thank you .....thank you...........

You're welcome!

I'll be up and around for about another hour or so. Fighting a cold means turning in early!


I am terribly sorry to hear about your cold. What has helped me heal the cold is by drinking suda fed capsols drinking it with a hot tea or even cinnamon tea. the medicine suda fed i think that's how you spell it is over the counter medication. But if you do end up getting it make sure that it says for all the symptoms.It sure helps me a lot.

now for question # number 2 what is it asking me. can you put in words of what is it asking me.

the question is:

what are the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated?

The extreme poverty of the Indian people has encouraged Hinduism. Their practice of a rigid caste system has provided some structure for them. The extreme poverty has also made reincarnation in a higher caste attractive. The ultimate goal of going to heaven and being one with the Atman is also a motivating force, considering the lack of rewards on earth.

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asked by kailin
  1. Thank you also. I am an Axia student in need of help with the same questions. I found your response to be the most helpful. I hope by now that you have beat that cold.

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    posted by Jason

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