I'm writing an essay for english are people with better jobs treated different. I think they are. I have written the essay but can't any sites that talks aboth this?

I hope you've defined your terms in your essay. What do you mean by "better jobs?" Are these middle managers, presidents of large companies, teachers, skilled machinists, doctors, nurses?

Who treats people differently? Banks will loan more money to people with higher incomes than with lower incomes. A well-dressed person walking into an upscale store may be greeted more cordially than a sloppily dressed person -- even though the store personnel have no way of knowing their jobs.

I didn't find any sites on this specific topic, but you may find this site useful for background information.


Ms. Sue - I read the book The Undomestic Goddess. She is a lawyer who ran away from her life and ended up being a housekeeper for a rich couple. When they finally discovered she was well educated they treated her totally different them when she was the housekeeper. I want to relate this to everyday life showing this does happen. Don't alway judge a book by its cover. Do you think I'm on the right track?

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asked by Taunya

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