Is it possible for two right rectangular prisms to have the same volume yet not have the exact same dimensions? If it is not possible, explain why. If it is possible, give an example that proves the statement.

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  1. It sure is possible.

    The volume of a rectangular prism, (a box), is

    So all you need is 3 different numbers that have the same product.

    one example of that is
    4 by 12 by 5 which is 240 cubic units
    8 by 3 by 10 which is 240 cubic units

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    posted by Reiny
  2. omigosh thanks so much! I thought it was possibly but wasn't sure how to prove it. Now I know :)

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    posted by Tiffany
  3. what is the gcf of 75 and 40?

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    posted by jose
  4. correct 0.0185 to 3 significant figures

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