Ginny Jones receives $650 gross salary biweekly. Her income tax rate is 15%. Her group health plan contribution is $24.50 per pay period. She belongs to the company retirement plan, to which she contributes 6.5% of her earnings. She is also covered under Social Security benefits. Her current contribution is 7.65%.

If these items are all her deductions, what is her take-home pay per period? $

Ginny gets a $55 raise per pay period. If her health plan is unchanged, how much of the raise will she have to take home? $

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  1. 650 * 0.15 = _____ income tax
    650 * 0.065 = ______ retirement
    650 * 0.0765 = ______ Social Security

    Add those three figures to 24.50. Subtract from 650 to find her take home pay.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 97.5
    + 49.73
    189.48 + 24.50 = 213.48 (650 - 213.48= 436.52) <<<< ANSWER ! Am I correct???

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  3. 436.02

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  4. Thank you so much

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