1. a man sells a tv for rupees 3450and makes a profit of 15% . he sells a second tv set at a loss of 10%.if on the whole he neither gains nor loses , find the cost price of the second tv.

2.a man sells two tables at the same price. on one he makes a profit of 10% and on the other he suffers a loss of 10%. find his gain or loss percent on the whole transaction.

3. a makes an article for rupees 120 and sells it to b at a profit of 25%. b sells it to c and sell it for rupees198 making a profit of 10% . what profit percent did b make?

4. the costs of manufacture of an article is made up of materials , labours and overheads in ratio 4:3:2. if the cost of labour is rupees 45 , find the total cost of an article. find the profit%, if the article is sold for rupees180.

5. an article is sold at a profit of 10%. had it been sold for rupees 20more , 12% profit would have been made. find the cost price of the article.

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  1. I'll do one, then you can show har far you get on the others. Just put the words into symbols and solve the resultant equation(s).

    If the two TVs cost x and y, then

    1.15x = 3450
    x + y = 1.15x + .90y
    So, x = 3450/1.15 = 3000
    .1y = 3450-3000 = 450
    y = 4500

    The two TVs cost 3000 and 4500
    90% of 4500 = 4050
    cost: 3000+4500 = 7500
    income: 3450+4050 = 7500

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  2. Thanks bro

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