until germany's invasion of poland the democratic nations which had been victorious in world war I had observed all these separate aggressions and done little. the league of nations had all but collapsed in the wake of italy's invasion of ethipia. britain and france had acquiesced in Germany's earlier moves.

i don't understand what that paragraph means. can someone please explain/paraphrase

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asked by sake
  1. Let's take it sentence by sentence with appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

    Until Germany's invasion of Poland, the democratic nations which had been victorious in World War I had observed all these separate aggressions and done little.

    Paraphrase: Before Germany invaded Poland, democratic nations had ignored Germany's aggression.

    The League of Nations had all but collapsed in the wake of Italy's invasion of Ethiopia.

    Paraphrase: The League of Nations did nothing and was useless after Italy invaded Ethiopia.

    Britain and France had acquiesced in Germany's earlier moves.

    Paraphrase: Germany and France did nothing while Germany invaded other countries.

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