1)When two bodies are charged, the total charge before and after charging remains the same because of:

A)quantization of charges
B)conservation of charges
C)law of induction
D)coulomb's law

I got C but im not sure. I couldn't find anything to state otherwise.

2)When a conducting sphere is charged positively, initially the charge is deposited on the left side. However, due to the sphere's conducting nature, the charge spreads uniformly throughout the surface of the sphere. Charge is uniformly distributed because:

A)charged atoms at the location of charge distribute throughout the surface
B)excess protons move from the location of charge to rest
C)excess electrons within the sphere move toward excess protons
D)excess charge within the sphere moves out into the ground from the surface

I got A

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asked by Jon
  1. 1) is B, unless charge is added or removed from somewhere else. I assume that one body is used to charge the other by rubbing

    2) A is the closest to being correct. Positively charged areas will be regions deprived of electrons. The charged atoms don't actually move, but available free electrons will redistribute themselves so that positively charged atoms are uniformally distributed.

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    posted by drwls

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