Are the populists liberal, reactionary or radical?

Are there any websites that can view the different perspectives on populists during the late 1800's?


The term liberal, reactionary, and radical are not very useful for describing views.

example:What is the philosophy of followers of Jesus Christ? Liberal, reactionary, or radical. I have all heard all applied.

The Populists of the late 1800's were motivated by economics, the conditions of which were largely blamed on Easterners. They had many "progressive" ideas that were later made law. THe focus of the populists was that government ought to serve people's interests, not peoples greeds. That momement formed the basis of the modern Democratic Party. Now I have heard that called liberal constantly here in Texas, even I have been called a Communist for supporting Al Gore.

So to answer your question, you have to define liberal, reactionary, and radical.


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asked by Gerald

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