conditional sentence

1. If the sound system hadn't failed,last night's show would have been better

a. this is a correct sentence using the 1st conditional form
b. this is correct sentence using the 2nd conditional form
C. this is a correct sentence using the 3rd conditional form
answer A
2. They'll work on new songs tomorrow if they would have time
a. this is an incorrect sentence
b. this is a correct sentence using the 1st conditional form
c. this is a correct sentence using the 2nd conditional form
Answer a
3. If the clubs's manager agrees, they'll play a few more original songs tomorrow
a. this is correct using the 1st conditional form
b. this is correct using the 2nd conditional form
c. this is correct using the 3rd conditional form
Answer b
4. the duo could perform at weddinds in mike played the flute
a. this correct using 1st conditional
b. this is correct using the 2nd conditional
c. this correct using the 3rd conditional
Answer c

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  1. Please re-think these, using the information here:

    #2 - the only correct one

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  2. 1. c.
    3. a.
    4. b.

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  3. 3 and 4 are now correct.

    1 still is not.

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  4. 1 is "c"

    The third conditional or past unreal conditional describes a condition that can not be met because the opportunity is past.

    When did the system fail? It failed in the past, last night.

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