I was wondering if I'm synthesizing a product in the end. I shouldn't put the end product of each reaction on the front page as well right?

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  1. (a main product) which is formed by other products of 5 reactions.

    x+y= z

    z+ A= B

    B+W= L

    do I still put B and z under the week of their synthesis or just the final product?

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  2. For the title page I would put a generic title with some modifications if you think it is proper; for example,
    "Synthesis of Z with Intermediates" or
    "Synthesis of A, B, and C as precursors of Z"
    or something to that effect. I don't think adding dates to the title page is necessary (or even appropriate) but adding the dates in the report could be done. Remember that we can't tell the whole story with the title page. Keep the title page short and sweet. Having said that, by all means, follow the advice and instructions of your teacher.

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    posted by DrBob222
  3. hm...well teacher didn't give us advice on the front page.

    only thing is that we are told to put the dates of ours synthesis reaction on tot he front page.


    Thank you Dr.Bob

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