can someone help me with figuring out my math and explaining it to me. or How to use the calculator with the problems ?

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asked by Ty
  1. yes, but probably not here. Look for someone you can work with personally. Don't know what kind of calculator you have, but it surely came with a user's guide, with examples of how to use it to solve problems.

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    posted by Anonymous
  2. Using the given zero, find one other zero of f(x). Explain the process you used to find your solution.

    1 - 6i is a zero of f(x) = x4 - 2x3 + 38x2 - 2x + 37.

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    posted by margaret
  3. 1+6i is another zero because of the theorem that if their is a zero that subtracts an imaginary number from some number, then there is another zero that adds the imaginary number to the same number

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    posted by Anonymous

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