Give examples of nominal, ordinal, interval. and ratio data. Then, convert your ratio data example into interval, ordinal, and nominal scales.

Measurement Scales


1. Indicate the first letter (N, O, I, R) of the highest possible scale for each of the following measures, where N is lowest and R is highest:

Measure Highest Scale

a. Feet of snow -- Interval
b. Brands of carbonated soft drinks -- Nominal
c. Class rank at graduation -- Ordinal or Interval per measurement debate

d. GPA -- Interval
e. Speed of a baseball pitch -- Ratio

7. Are the following variables discrete or continuous? Mark “D” or “C” to indicate your answer.
Measure Variable Type

a. Inches of rainfall -- C
b. GPA -- C
c. Speed of base ball pitch -- C
d. Time taken to solve a puzzle -- C
e. Level of depression -- D
f. Number of angels that can fit on the head of a pin (Oops . .how’d that get in her again? You may skip this one -- D

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    1a. Ratio (see article)
    b. Nominal
    c. Only ordinal (see article)
    d. Interval
    e. Ratio

    7. All correct.

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