AED 201

I need info. on the daily activities of a typical day for an educator (at the elementary or secondary level). The list and discussion of three time management tips should be attached as separate documents. I am going to be an elementary teacher.Please help

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asked by Dawn
  1. I urge you to make appointments at a local school to spend several hours observing three classrooms. That way you'll learn first hand about daily activities in these classrooms. I'm sure the teachers you observe will be happy to answer your questions and share their time-management tips.

  2. I can not this week. Schools are out for spring break and so are the teachers. That is why I am asking for your help.

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    posted by Dawn
  3. OK. I'll write up my daily routine as a middle school social studies teacher. I'll post it within a half hour.

  4. 8:15 -- Arrive in my classroom, greet students, and organize the day's materials
    8:30 -- Begin 1st period class by taking role
    -- Correct homework (see below)
    -- Present the day's lesson, discuss. Often I showed 4 - 6 slides that pertain to the lesson
    -- Allow about 20 minutes for silent reading and starting on homework

    Repeat above for each of the other 5 periods.

    Sometimes we spent all period doing hands-on projects. Especially valuable were the seventh-grade draw-a-map projects. Students were presented with blank papers with latitude and longitude lines. They then copied a prepared map on their grid sheets and finished by labeling and coloring.

    The major eighth-grade projects were illustrated timelines. This was a year-long project on paper about 8" by 110".

    Time Management Tips:

    * Homework assignments were usually several questions from the book, answered in complete sentences. To check their answers, I called on students at random to read their answers for which they got credit if their answers were correct.

    * At the beginning of each unit (4 to 6 weeks), I gave each student a day-by-day syllabus which outlined each day's lesson and the homework assignment.

    * The English teacher and I worked together in assigning research papers that counted for both classes.

  5. i need 1 for an elementary one

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    posted by Dawn
  6. In Michigan, a person can teach 7th and 8th grade with either an elementary or secondary certificate.

    I don't know of any elementary teachers who frequent this board.

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