Two cassettes and three cd's cost $175 while four cassettes and one cd cost $125.
1)Given that one cassette cost $x and one cd cost $y,write two equations in x and y to represent this information.

2)Calculate the cost of one cassette.

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asked by rufus
  1. 1. just translate the English into Math

    "Two cassettes and three cd's cost $175" ---> 2x + 3y = 175

    "four cassettes and one cd cost $125" ---> 4x + y = 125

    2. double the first equation

    4x + 6y = 350 then subtract the second
    4x + y = 125
    5y = 225
    y = 45

    back in the second
    4x + 45 = 125
    4x = 80
    x = 20

    (expensive cassettes and CDs)

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    posted by Reiny
  2. 2x+3y

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  3. -5

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    posted by v

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