multiplying and diving scientific notation

1)(2.3x10^2)(4.5x10^-7)= 1.035x10^-6

2) 4.8x10^2/1.2x10^5= 4.8x10^-3

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  1. for dividing use this equation:
    n*10^a / n*10^b = n/m * 10^a-b
    for multiplying use this equation:
    (n x 10a) • (m x 10b) = (n · m) x 10a+b

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  2. 1)(n · m) x 10a+b :
    (2.3 * 4.5) x 10(2+(-7))
    (10.35) x 10(-5)
    Therefore it should be 10.35x10^-5

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  3. try 2 by yourself:)

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  4. 1) it is not completely scientific notation since there can be only one digit in front of the decimal.

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  5. hmm I see than your answer should b the correct one. Well done.

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  6. thank you

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  7. Np

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