english - Ms. Sue

As oil and gas prices are on the rise; the economy gets seriously affected; however, finding a solution is no easy task when dealing with such a complex global


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asked by rose
  1. How does the rise in oil and gas prices affect the economy? Please be specific.

  2. Ms. Sue,

    Please give me your thought on this.

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    posted by rose
  3. Rose -- you made the statement that oil and gas prices affect the economy. What do you mean? How do these high prices affect our economy?

  4. These high prices affect our economy because it is hard for family to fill up their thank, the government is spending a lot of money in Iraq for the only reason which oil. After spending billion in Iraq, that caused our economy to step into a big recession.

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    posted by rose
  5. Great! Our economy is weak because we have to pay more for gas and oil.

    Think about the airline news this week. Why do groceries cost more? How do poor families pay for heating fuel?

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