can someone help me?
okay so I am given this :
(a) y= x-4
(b) y=2-x

I have to graph this manually and find the intersection.
okay so I know how to graphi it right with this formula: y=mx+b
okay but is the slope how can you tell and what number is the y intercept

i belive it goes as follows:
(a) m(slope)= 1/1
and b(y intercept)= -4

for b)
m= slope:-1/1
b yintercept: 2

for some reason I think I ma doing something wrong is this right cuz i don't know how to greaph whne they only give me one number????

you appear to be on the right track, I'm not sure what your question is asking.
For (a) y = x - 4 | m = 1 and b = -4 , as you have.
For (b) you might want to rearrange it as
y = -x + 2 | m = -1 and b = 2
Now just graph each line and see where they intersect. The intercept is where the line intersects the y axis and the slope is the change in y over the change in x.

Find the slope and y-intercept.

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asked by bobby

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