I have to simplify these please help im not sure how
things in parenthesis are exponets

-x(2)+8x-12 over

2a(3)+a(2)-3a over

3x(2)+2x-1 over

a(2)-11a+30 over

2y(3)-12y(2)+2y over

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  1. Use ^ and then the number to designate powers.

    -x^2 + 8x - 12
    -1(x^2 - 8x + 12)
    The x-2 in the denominator can canceled with the x-2 in the numerator and you are left with -1(x-6).

    (2a^3 + a^2 - 3a)/(6a^3 + 5a^2 - 6a)
    Factor out a out of the numerator and denominator and you are left with
    (2a^2 + a - 3)/(6a^2 + 5a - 6)

    2x+3 in the numerator and denominator cancels out and you are left with (x-1)/(3x-2).

    All of those problems can be done with factoring of the numerator and denominator and cancel out the common factors.

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