Biomass increase !

Can anyone help please,

Can anyone help me to calculate the increase in biomass in each of the three groups,

Field mice Ingested 107Kj m-2 y-1 and lost 105 kj m-2 y-1 in respiration & faeces

Grasshoppers ingested 444 kj and lost 374.3 kj

and small birds ate seeds 60 kj and lost 59.2 kj

Is there an equation for this or is it some sum involving the Gpp or NPP for the ecosytem concerned ????

I suspect it is the ingested amount - amoutn lost in respiration
Thank you...all the best for 2007 !!!

I think you are correct.

Well thank you !!!

Happy new year !

Thats very naughty getting anwsers for your OU coursework!


and what are you doing here ?????

OU Coursework perhaps LOL !!!


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asked by Freddo

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