I have a final due within 9 wks from now. I have to do an interview to a different religion which is not mine. I am catholic. But i don't know what type of questions are good enough to ask. Does anyone know of a site or some type of good questions to ask.I just know the basic such as:
what do you celebrate?
Do you guys baptize?
Do you believe in gods , which ones?

I don't know what are the right questions to ask. I'd like to get started on my final since it is a difficult subject for me that way it gives me more time to work on it.

I found something about the Hindu Religion in a website.

What do they celebrate?


The god they believe in:


What foods they eat:

Chicken,Fish,Vegetable (BUT NO BEEF)

What do they wear:

Lahenga,Salwar Kamiz,Sari

Do they do fasting?

Wifes do fasting for their husband one day

Hope this helps!

Please help me with my homework too!

Jasmine, suggestion - use this site and turn the titles of each of the chapters or paragraphs into a question you might ask someone about their religion.

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