Curriculum Development Question

I have this question on a homework assignment. Which of the following
menus is best for preschoolers as
outlined by the Food Guide Pyramid
for children.

1.Breakfast-fruit juice,a bowl of cereal,and a piece of toast
Morning snack-fruit juice and crackers
Lunch-fruit juice,a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich,and pretzels
Afternoon snack-fruit juice and chips
Dinner- fruit juice, a hamburger with
whole wheat bun, and roasted

2.Breakfast- milk,a waffle,and yogurt
Morning snack-milk and slices of
Lunch-milk,a grilled cheese sandwich
on whole wheat bread, and a small
serving of ice-cream
Afternoon snack- milk and cheesecrackers
Dinner- milk, chicken,a salad,and bread

3.Breakfast- milk, a bowl of cereal,
and a banana
Morning snack-fruit juice,and a blueberry muffin
Lunch- water,a ham and cheese sandwich
on wheat bread, and apple slices
Afternoon snack- water, carrot and
celery sticks
Dinner- milk,broccli, chicken, and a

4.Breakfast-juice, a waffle, and a
Morning snack-water, apple slices
Lunch- water, a ham sandwich on whole
wheat bread, and strawberries
Afternoon snack- water, Jello
Dinner- water, pizza

I am thinking the 3rd menu would be the most appropriate for preschoolers.
Could you please give me some input
please? Thank You!!

I agree with you totally! Good job!

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asked by Sierra

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