In a recent year there were the following numbers (in thousands) of licensed drivers in the United States.

Age 19 and under - 4746
Age 20 - 1625
Age 21 - 1679

Age 19 and under - 4517
Age 20 - 1553
Age 21 - 1627

Choose one driver at random. Find the probability that the driver is:
a. Male and 19 or under
b. Age 20 or female
c. At least 20 years old.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. A. 4746/(grand total) = ?

    Grand total is the sum of all the observations.

    B. Either-or probabilities are found by adding the individual probabilities.

    (All age 20/grand total) + (all female/grand total) = ?

    C. (all 20+)/(grand total) = ?

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