(1 & 2)
The first three points do not fall on a straight line, and there is no value of k that will make that happen.
(4) To find the quadratic
y = a x^2 + bx + c
that passes through the first three points, solve simultaneously
1 = c
3 = 4a + 2b + c
6 = 16 a + 4b + c
2 = 4a + 2b
5 = 16 a + 4b
4 = 8a + 4b
8a = 1
a = 1/8
2 = 1/2 + 2b
b = 3/4
y = (1/8)x^2 + (3/4)x + 1

Given ordered pairs (0,1),(2,3),(4,6),(6,k), answer the following questions
1. Determine a value for k so data points follow a linear model.
2. Find the linear model(equation).
3. Determine a value for k so data points follow a quadratic model.
4. Find the quadratic model(equation).

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  1. Dertermine value of a,b,c,d and e

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